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How Can You Get a Great Skin- Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

Everyone has a lot of questions related to their skin beauty. Well, DR. BARBARA STURM, a well-renowned cosmetic doctor has answers to some frequently asked beauty questions.

1-    What should you do for your skin on a daily basis?

First of all, don’t be aggressive when it comes to your skin. There are solutions to problems. So, unless there isn’t any problem, don’t go for solutions. Just focus on prevention rather than fixing things. Just do these things if you haven’t any skin problems:

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7 proven everyday beauty tips by women

The best beauty tips mostly come from our loved ones such as your friends, maybe our moms, or they may come from reading a magazine. So, here are some effective and pragmatic beauty tips from different women.

1-    Double Cleansing

Double cleansing can be very fruitful, especially to get off your makeup. Experts recommend that cleansing your skin with cleansing oil balm or micellar water will take off your makeup and then use a water-based cleanser for deeper cleansing.

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