7 proven everyday beauty tips by women

7 proven everyday beauty tips by women

The best beauty tips mostly come from our loved ones such as your friends, maybe our moms, or they may come from reading a magazine. So, here are some effective and pragmatic beauty tips from different women.

1-    Double Cleansing

Double cleansing can be very fruitful, especially to get off your makeup. Experts recommend that cleansing your skin with cleansing oil balm or micellar water will take off your makeup and then use a water-based cleanser for deeper cleansing.

2-    Massage your skin while moisturizing

Massage your skin with the help of a moisturizer, especially in the morning. Try to massage your facial muscles for a few minutes. Not only it is good for the skin; it will help you feel more awake.

3-    Use Supplements

Using moisturizers, cleansers, etc., surely help but using oral skincare supplements also makes things better. You can add reliable oral supplements to your beauty routine. Also, these supplements are pretty helpful in reducing the signs of ageing.

4-    Embrace the use of oils

You can use facial oils even on oily skins. Yes, it may look unorthodox, but these oils lock-in the moisture in your skin and help in preventing the skin from getting oily. Use the facial oil at night after you cleanse your skin.

5-    Apply face mask

The face mask is a proven beauty ingredient, and it is better to use it at least once a week. All you have to do is find a face mask that suits your skin. You can use it as a peel-off treatment.

6-    Addition of a “glow” in the moisturizer

Adding one or two drops of a liquid bronzer in your moisturizer can give you a glowing and boosted look.

7-    Give your skin sufficient time

Good things come with patience and consistency. Therefore, spend time on your skin on a consistent basis. Beauty products take time to yield maximum results. So, be patient and consistent!


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