How Can You Get a Great Skin- Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

How Can You Get a Great Skin- Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

Everyone has a lot of questions related to their skin beauty. Well, DR. BARBARA STURM, a well-renowned cosmetic doctor has answers to some frequently asked beauty questions.

1-    What should you do for your skin on a daily basis?

First of all, don’t be aggressive when it comes to your skin. There are solutions to problems. So, unless there isn’t any problem, don’t go for solutions. Just focus on prevention rather than fixing things. Just do these things if you haven’t any skin problems:

  • Regular skin cleansing twice a week (preferably in the evening) will do nicely.
  • Use a grainy scrub for cleansing and if you use an acid peel, make sure it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your skin.
  • Keep your microbiome and skin’s barrier healthy.
  • Make sure you properly hydrate your skin.
  • Use a good cream as it a great source of lipids.


2-    Should you use face masks?

Well, cream masks give you better results rather than using sheet masks. Unlike cream masks, sheet masks don’t make full contact with your skin. You can use a moisturizing mask and kaolin clay mask for your skin’s health.

3-    What is the importance of lifestyle in all this?

Your lifestyle is very important for healthy skin. Yes, it has been difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this pandemic, but you can do these things:

  • Try to have three regular meals a day.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep every day.
  • Add vegetables, fruits, streamed fish, and fruit/vegetable snacks in your diet.
  • Avoid too much of dairy products.
  • Avoid drinking excessive water during night time.
  • Last but not least, smoking is not good for your skin, so avoid it.

4-    Should you do potent “home treatments”?

One thing you should know is, do not fight your ageing process and skin type. Rather, you should support your skin. Don’t be too obsessed with anti-ageing. Take care of your skin from an early age but use the right products.


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