Five shortcuts to amplify your beauty

Five shortcuts to amplify your beauty

We have all changed! It has become difficult to socialize. Why? Because it has been so long that we are spending our days napping in the couches, working while sitting in front of laptops, and obviously, it is our new normal. But do you feel normal living all day at home? We guess, No!

We hope that you want to spend moments with your beloved, have a coffee while walking on the roadside with your friend, and we hope that you missed everyone! But, this new normal has instilled a feeling of lethargy, a sluggishness to get ready and put on make-up.

Here is a guide, which might help you to come over all your fears and anxieties about you being any less beautiful than you were.

girl with make up

1. Face mask

You can be one among the two types; the Skin superintendent or the Skin Spurner, which means that either you would be taking extra care of your health in quarantine or not caring at all because who is going to see it anyway. If you are among the latter, you need to use this mask.

111 Skin’s Biocellulose Treatment Mask (£20) is the mask, which has made it to the list of the Insider Secret. Also, it is the mask that is used by many before the red-carpet events, as it gives an instant blossom to the Skin. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Margot Robbie are of the view that using this 111SKIN mask makes everything seem flawless once they apply it.

2. Hair strengthener

If it’s been a long that you haven’t been to any hairdresser, it is time that you need a smoothing treatment. The Aveda’s Botanical Therapy Repair Mask has the perfect mixture of all those ingredients, which could help reduce the fray of your hair, make it shine, and strengthen it. The GHD’s Split Ends Therapy (£21.95) can also be beneficial for you, as it is treated by using heat to repair the hair fibres.

3. Glow amplifier

Glowing Skin is the perfect Skin, and if you long for it, St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Serum (£22) can help you increase the glow in a very short span. For even better results, you may use a liquid highlighter, such as BECCA’s Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter (£32), which is available in six different shades, including but not limited to creativity, a warm golden shade for medium complexions, deep bronzer for dark skin tones, so on and so forth.

Silky highlighters are the best shortcut.

4. Braids are never out of fashion

Now that it’s been a while that you have not been to any hairdresser, you might feel a bit discomforted by your grown out hair. But, we assure you that if you use the right accessories and try to updo your hair, you can rock this look. Either way, you can curl or pony your hair, which is always classy.

5. Use the eyes to distract

Decoy is the best strategy. If you feel that your face is not looking the way which you consider to be perfect, apply some dazzling make-up to your eyes. We bet everyone would be awestruck looking at your eyes while ignoring the face.

The perfect and jazzy face mask

If you are not convinced enough to use any of the above, the sequin-embellished style from STUFF is the sole product that can help you out.


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